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Spare parts


The reliability lies in the detail – and CLAAS ORIGINAL parts are the core ingredient. Customised, efficient, high-quality. Whatever it takes.

Spare parts


The reliability lies in the detail – and CLAAS ORIGINAL parts are the core ingredient. Customised, efficient, high-quality. Whatever it takes.

CLAAS ORIGINAL air filters - a clean solution.

Why CLAAS ORIGINAL air filters?

ORIGINAL air filters protect the engine against contamination, ensure enduring operational reliability and are optimally adapted to the performance of your CLAAS machine. Our filters undergo continuous enhancement and refinement to keep pace with the rising performance capabilities of our machines. ORIGINAL air filters offer you:

  • High-quality filter paper and a custom-fit seal
  • A perfect fit for the filter element
  • Optimal filtering performance
  • Long filter service life

It all comes down to the details.

1. High-quality filter paper.

ORIGINAL air filters have a special fold geometry to ensure the unobstructed inflow of dust-laden air into the folds. This configuration also prevents the filter papers from lying one over the other. The uniformly distributed pores ensure maximum elimination of unwanted soiling.

The advantages for you:

  • Long replacement intervals
  • Optimized filter performance
  • High level of engine protection

2. Impregnation of filter paper.

The impregnation process provides optimal protection against mechanical, thermal and climatic influences, and against operating fluids.

The advantages for you:

  • Inhibits moisture uptake
  • Ensures lasting robustness

3. Custom-fit seal.

Even tiny leaks between the seal and filter housing directly cause engine soiling, and therefore additional wear. Accordingly, maintaining a tight fit even after many hours of use increases engine life.

The advantages for you:

  • Long service life
  • Optimal engine performance

4. Optimal filtering performance.

Up to 99.90% of all particles are filtered out. The virtually particle-free intake air increases the service life of the engine, in any dust conditions.

The advantage for you:

  • Long engine life

5. Filter service life.

A specially designed fold geometry allows the accommodation of large filtering surface areas in a tiny amount of space. These filters combine high dirt trapping performance with long intervals between changes.

The advantages for you:

  • Long element service life
  • Low operating costs

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